Job Opening: Artistic Director

Job Description

“The Artistic Director shall have ultimate responsibility for all aspects of a play production and shall be invested by the Board with the authority to take any and all actions deemed necessary, for aesthetic, economic or public relations reasons, to insure the quality of a production, the preservation and maintenance of equipment and other capital investments, and the continuity of operations of the theatre”


  • Work with play selection committee to select shows for upcoming season

  • Find directors for shows

  • Direct a show every 2 years

  • Help Director set dates for auditions & rehearsals

  • Help Director with plans for set and construction

  • Help Director with info. needed on poster and design. If necessary do it or find someone to do it

  • Help Director find people to help with set decoration, sound, lighting, stage manager, costumes, props, etc.

  • Attend auditions and confer with director on casting

  • Attend 1 or 2 rehearsals per week to see if all is progressing well. Be a source for the director &/or make suggestions with problems.

  • Attend all tech rehearsals and help the director “call” the show. Oversee the progress and be prepared to step in if necessary.

  • Work with manager on information for newsletter and program.

  • Work with manager in regards to opening announcements on production nights

  • Be the “face” of the theatre during productions. Watch for audience response and see to their comfort.

  • Speak to organizations or find replacement speaker

  • Always keep the audience in mind when picking shows (what they would like, if it will offend, thinking how far an audience can be pushed to accept something or expand their horizons...)

  • Keep the physical safety and comfort of the audience and staff in mind.

  • Create rules for Control Room

  • Will have the final word if someone needs to be terminated from the cast or crew.